Policy plan

Plan for Adar Foundation 2018

Start and look back

Adar Foundation was established in September 2017. The first months were spent on deciding and establishing the Board, building the website, and developing the first plans of the Adar Foundation. In 2018, Adar Foundation will start with its first project.

Goals for 2018

Adar Foundation aims to develop and finalise a project plan for cinema Kobani in 2018, and ensure it is socially embedded in Kobani.

Cinema Kobani in short

ReberDosky won the IDFA Image and Sound Award in 2016 with his documentary Radio Kobani. When he won this award, he expressed his dream of creating a large cinema for the residents of Kobani in which art, culture and political debate can reinforce and compliment each other.

Cinema Kobani will have three theatres where films can be screened. One of the three rooms will also function as a theatre or concert stage (200 seats). The other rooms have space for 120 and 80 seats. On the top floor there will be a film academy, consisting of five classrooms. On the ground floor there will be cafés, eateries and a debate center. Here will also be the recording studio for Radio Kobani and other local radio channels.

One of Cinema Kobani’s main functions will be as a community center, but with the allure of a debate center, such as De Balie in Amsterdam. After the construction is complete, Adar Foundation will train all the employees for two years in order to make the cinema self-sufficient. This training will include courses on program management and how to implement activities. The final goal, after two years, is to organize a large international film festival in Cinema Kobani . After this festival, the employees of Cinema Kobani will be capable of running the cinema independently. Through exchange projects between students and teachers of film academies in the Netherlands and Cinema Kobani, knowledge and experience will be shared.

The Adar Foundation is not-for-profit, and all revenues will go directly to the municipality of Kobani. The development, construction and operation of Cinema Kobani will create employment for an estimated 100 people. 

Planned activities for 2018

Feasibility study (January-March 2018)

At the beginning of 2018, a field mission will be undertaken in Kobani by the director of Stichting Adar, ReberDosky and the interested architect, Kees de Wit, for cinema Kobani. This research concerns:
• Examining the physical conditions of Kobane, finding the right place in the center of Kobani to build the cinema, examining the availability of building materials, and the overall building climate in Kobani;
• Consult with local authorities for the necessary administrative procedures; protection of the workers, the role of the municipality in the realization of the project, and the development of a future plan for after construction;
• In addition, a team of local experts will be established, such as a project manager, filmmaker, financial expert, building expert, contractor, communication manager and an education expert. The representativeness of the different population groups will be taken into account.
• At the end of the field mission, the Board of the Adar Foundation, in consultation with experts in the Netherlands, will decide whether the next steps in the realization of the project can be made.

Fundraising (March – December 2018)
• A fundraising strategy is being developed.
• After the field mission, a potential brochure from Cinema Kobani is made with a description and planning of the project, the first drawings, reactions from the residents of Kobani, and a summary of the budget.
• A Committee of Recommendation is composed of nationally and internationally renowned people from the world of architecture, film, media and entertainment.
• Subsequently, fundraising begins. This involves approaching large capital funds, private donors and crowd funding.
• The Board of Adar Foundation determines on the basis of the budget and the income, when sufficient money has been raised to start construction.

Start of Construction (September – December 2018)
• The architect starts with the design of Cinema Kobani, including a cross for chosen materials.
• During a second mission to Kobani the design will be discussed with the local expert team.
• Once there is sufficient income, the building land can be purchased


Inspired by the plan for Cinema Kobani, the first contacts for a similar project in Shengal will be made.