Where does my gift go?

Of course you want to know what your donation is spent on. In 2018, Adar Foundation will collect money to realise the dream of Cinema Kobani. Specifically, your money will go towards development costs, building materials, the cinema interior, the costs of student and teacher exchanges from film academies, their training courses, and the fees for local experts. Read the POLICY PLAN 2018 here. We ensure that all our contributions are spent correctly. The Board of the Adar Foundation approves the annual budget and the financial year overview, and an accountant checks financial accountability.

Ways to give

The art of giving is for everyone.

Thanks to donations from private individuals, companies and institutions, the Adar Foundation is able to support initiatives in the field of art and culture. The art of giving has different forms and fits all stages of life.

From € 25 per month you can make a structural contribution to the work of the Adar Foundation, but of course any other contributionsare also welcome. All donors will receive our Stichting Adar Nieuws Scène three times a year, providing updates and news on our work.

Tax  benefits

You can deduct your gift from the income tax. The Adar Foundation has the ANBI status (for Dutch foundations). Your gift therefore goes entirely towards art and cultural projects.

To make the maximum use of existing tax benefits, you can agree on a periodic gift . This can be done via the donation tab on this page. With this, you commit to donating for five years. Until January 1, 2019 you can also make use of the additional tax deduction of the Compulsory Act.